Reduce your inflammation

Inflammation is linked to over 60% of currently common illnesses
and can interfere with important activities or situations such
as athletic performance and pregnancy.

How relevant is inflammation to your well-being?

Food Inflammation

Sugar Inflammation

Genetic predispositions


The range of GEK Lab products

PerMè Test helps you understand if you are consuming excess sugar or specific foods by measuring your body’s inflammation and interpreting any genetic predisposition to the most significant metabolic diseases. The doctors and specialists at GEK Lab, experts in precision medicine, based on the results, will suggest a personalized nutritional and integrative path for you.

PerMè 360 Test
PerMè Test

The NutriCoach service will give you access to a 30-minute consultation, which can be carried out over the phone or through video call tools, with a GEK Lab Nutritional Biologist expert in food and sugar inflammations.

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Contrast pathologies


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Cognitive decline

Food can be a cause of inflammation, but also therapy: it depends on how it is used.

Food Inflammation: food profile

When a food or a group of foods is consumed excessively and repeatedly out of habit or because other foods have been excluded from the diet, it creates an imbalance within food-specific IgG, which is correlated with an increase in inflammation. Their measurement does not indicate “intolerance” but allows for the implementation of a personalized rotation diet that does not exclude foods but modulates the intake of large food groups. Innovative biomarkers are also measured in support, including BAFF: a key cytokine in regulating immune, autoimmune, and metabolic responses.

Component evaluated in the tests:

Inflammation from sugars: glycation profile

Inflammation from sugars is related to glycation processes, or the ‘caramelization’ of circulating proteins by sugars, alcohol, polyols, sweeteners, fruit, refined carbohydrates… When these are consumed excessively compared to one’s individual metabolic characteristics, they can determine significant inflammatory phenomena such as neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration, amplification of allergic phenomena, increased cardiovascular risk, risk of diabetes/pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Measuring it allows for a precise and personalized modulation of the consumption of glycation substances without indiscriminately abolishing sugars.

Component evaluated in the tests:

Genetic predispositions

When evaluating inflammatory profiles, it is important to associate the reading of specific genes related to metabolism, overweight, autoimmune diseases, and liver steatosis. These are genetic polymorphisms that, together with inflammatory markers, help understand the possible predisposition to some of the most important current diseases.

The genetics of metabolic diseases is never deterministic for their development, and knowing it allows for targeted and timely modifications for a real preventive action.

Component evaluated in the tests:

BioAge: cell age

Measurement of telomeres, the terminal parts of chromosomes, allows for the evaluation of the presence of prolonged oxidative or inflammatory stress conditions, which also correlates with immune system efficiency.

Their measurement allows for the identification of a personal “biological age” that, compared to chronological age, is a useful tool for assessing the body as a whole and providing greater awareness of the need for intervention.

Component evaluated in the tests:

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Choose the test that best suits your needs and go to a certified GEK Lab center. A simple capillary blood draw will be analyzed in our authorized laboratory and interpreted and reported by our medical team.

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Within your medical report, you will find detailed explanations of each analyzed component and personalized indications on the path to be undertaken, supported by our scientific team through the MyGEKLab service.

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By putting into practice the indications contained in the report, you will discover how to combine the pleasure of food and well-being by recognizing the effects of your new eating habits on your body.

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Thanks to the guidance of our experts and your new nutritional awareness, you will be able to consolidate the results obtained by also performing periodic control tests to keep your inflammatory level under control.